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Crieghton’s Chocolaterie

When your sweet tooth beckons, satiate it with this pretty chocolate treat.

Published 25.03.17 ·Foodie

Because sometimes beauty is on the outside, too.

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Pictured at the launch is school owner and Musgrave MarketPlace NI guest chef, Stephen Jeffers along with Richard Mayne, Foodservice Sales Manager for Musgrave MarketPlace NI.

Chef Stephen Jeffers launches Forestside Cookery School to inspire Belfast based masterchefs of all levels

Published 14.10.16 ·Foodie

Hands on at the Forestside Cookery School

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National Champagne Week

10 reasons why Champagne is so fabulous.

Published 30.09.16 ·Foodie

Flutes and coupes at the ready, National Champagne Week kicks off on Saturday 1st October! 

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Hillsborough International Oyster Festival

Smeg Pops-up at Oyster Festival

Published 30.08.16 ·Foodie

Smeg has announced a repeat of its highly successful pop-up restaurant, at this year's Oyster Festival.

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The Other Sloane Rangers hit Killyleagh

Published 07.08.16 ·Foodie

Chocolate & Fine Food Festival will offer something ‘sweet’ for all ages.

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Fivemiletown Cheese, Wine, Cheese and more Cheese.

Published 14.06.16 ·Foodie

A luxurious, alfresco, celebration of Fivemiletown Cheese, at The Merchant Hotel.

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Hillsborough’s fresh new Farmers’ Market opens Saturday 4th June

Published 30.05.16 ·Foodie

The thriving heritage village of Hillsborough is set to revive the time-honoured tradition of the Farmers’ Market.

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Vita Coco Coconut oil #EnjoyNI16

Go nuts for coconut oil

Published 29.04.16 ·Foodie

Why we’re all going loco, for Vita Coco!

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Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella

Published 31.03.16 ·Foodie

The poster girl for healthy eating.

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Some stylish alternatives to green beer.

Published 15.03.16 ·Foodie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Universal Tomato Sauce

Published 14.01.16 ·Foodie

'Ready for use' jars of this sauce “live” permanently in my fridge.

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Northern Ireland

Food Made Simple

Published 14.01.16 ·Foodie

Get ready for my quick and easy recipe hacks, perfect for days when you don't have time to cook.

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Food Blogger


Published 22.10.15 ·Foodie


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Blogger Belfast

Let the fun be #gin.

Published 11.09.15 ·Foodie

Gin Ain’t Just Gin!

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Champagne and oysters anyone?

Published 01.09.15 ·Foodie

Hillsborough International Oyster Festival 2015

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Cheat meals don't have to spell disaster.

Published 21.08.15 ·Foodie

Vowed to lose weight or just eat healthier? Here are a few substitutions to help you continue to eat your favourite recipes.

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Building the perfect cheese board.

Published 05.08.15 ·Foodie

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis a brie.

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Happy Holidays

Published 02.04.15 ·Foodie

Hurrah for the 4-day weekend.

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J Martin

My accidental wish list.

Published 27.10.14 ·Foodie

Review of last weekend's Food & Drink Show NI

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Foodie Paradise

Published 22.10.14 ·Foodie

Eeeekkk It's almost the weekend, and you know what that means?

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Published 16.10.14 ·Foodie

So what are your plans for the weekend?

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The Ivory Restaurant & Bar

Published 12.10.14 ·Foodie

A haven of fashionable ambience and stylish simplicity.

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Something for the weekend.

Published 02.10.14 ·Foodie

Belfast Restaurant Week

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Published 07.01.14 ·Foodie

WOW! Exciting press release from Michael Deane - Billecart Champagne Bar? – Can’t wait!

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Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey...

Published 02.04.14 ·Foodie

I’m a huge fan of the foodie blog community and a while back I stumbled across this beautiful video.

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Lazy Eggs.... On a lazy Sunday morning.

Published 02.07.23 ·Foodie

Lazy Eggs on a lazy Sunday morning. Today I made lazy eggs, and they were divine - Simple, easy to make, bursting with fla...

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Eat, Toast, Dunk

Published 30.06.14 ·Foodie

Rosewater & Cardamom marshmallow anyone?

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