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Holidays are coming…….

Published 03.11.14 · Living ·

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I’ve been a huge fan of Jo Malone for over 20 years, so it was with much delight that I got to attend the Christmas preview at the Belfast store. Dapper looking waiters in festive crimson blazers and bows where there to greet me, offering canapés and fizz and the perfect dose of the holidays - Nice start to the evening.

This year’s theme is ‘Frosted Fantasy’ so windows where iced and the store was decked with pretty white trees strewn with cherries and glitter. The signature cream & black boxes flawlessly trimmed with sparkly baubles and crimson ribbon. If you could bear to set your glass down customers were treated to luxury hand and arm massages, while the Jo Malone team assisted with all of your gift-giving needs.

Now it’s hard to improve on a classic, so Christmas always signals the release of my favourite holiday scent of Pine and Eucalyptus which, I’m happy to report is still on the menu (but you’d better be quick).

A new festive addition that had us all ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing,’ is the beautifully presented Cherry & Clove scented candle.  Housed in crimson glass and etched with a frosted design, slightly sweet but with the distinctive warmth from the clove to evoke the sense of winter.


Or you could adorn your Christmas tree with scent-infused baubles (and pray the cat doesn’t get them).


Another personal favorite is the Pine & Eucalyptus Diffuser. Available in other scents but it’s Christmas and I’m remaining festive. Don’t get me wrong I love scented candles, but the diffusers release a continuous aroma. Place in your hallway to delight your guests. Not cheap at £33  but it’s the perfect gift for the holiday hostess (guaranteed to keep you on the ‘yes’ list).

Now you’ve just got to see this (but don’t get too excited as this service is only available in London)…..… If you purchase on line (and happen to live in London) for a £15 fee, a rather fabulous Jo Malone Morris Minor Van (or retro Vespa, depending on the size of your beauty splurge) will hand-deliver your goods straight to your door – How lovely. Don’t mind what’s in the box, I just want a delivery from a debonair driver on a Vespa - Certainly a memorable delivery experience.

Due to lack of Vespas and Morris Minors, you might need one of these to carry the parcels..........

Thanks to Ciara, Reyna and the team @Jo Malone Belfast for a wonderfully festive shopping evening. Happy Holidays x

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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