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On my desk.

Published 30.08.14 · Living ·

Source: © Shot by me.

Just for fun, I thought I’d share what’s on my desk today. Sounds pretty random I know, but I hope you like peeking at other people’s stuff as much as I do.  They run articles like this in magazines, right at the back, on the very the last page, and the first page I turn to.  I think it was InStyle magazine that featured 'inside the handbag of '(not doing it anymore, I just checked). But it quite literally was the contents of a celebrity’s handbag (someone pretty stylish of course), and I couldn’t wait to see it.  I would purchase at least one of the items, in the vein hope it would make me as stylish or as pretty as the owner. Porter magazine (it’s on my desk) runs ‘My Space’ (back page) a similar thing. This month it’s Miranda Brooks, the landscape designer sharing her garden studio in Brooklyn (drool). 

So here goes, here’s what’s happening on my desk today – hope it makes you smile.


My MacBook Pro, a thing of beauty. I spent months deliberating (I’ve been a Microsoft girl forever), but the whole syncing pics and docs just wore me down and I switched. Tried to convince myself I needed it, but truth be told I just love how it looks and feels – Boss!

My Louis Vuitton agenda. Recently I went to a Business Networking event and a chap introduced himself to me (he worked in social media). We got chatting and he spotted my LV. “I can’t be your friend”, he said, “You own a Filofax”. “If you don’t realise the significance of my Filofax (there are no words), then I don’t want to be your friend”, I said. It’s not meant to replace an iphone, ipad or other computerised diary. It’s like a luxurious, timeless piece of luggage, you keep it, want it, love it FOREVER! This was given to me many years ago as a very special gift (along with a surprise promotion), and still travels with me every day. If you’re lucky enough to own one, guard it with your life (and stroke it often).

 My diary

My journals. By now you’ll have established I’m a stationery junkie, but let me break this down. On my desk are 3 pretty journals, but one of them is priceless – but only to me. You see the red spiral bound one is my diary. I’ve been writing for years, and these little notebooks hold years of stories, thoughts, lists and dreams (I’ve actually documented who should get them in my will). They’re full of clippings, notes, invites – all sorts of pretty cuttings. But they probably form the basis of this blog. I’ve tried writing in other notebooks, but they just don’t come close. I was in Switzerland one year, just after Christmas and came across a stationery shop called Ordning & Reda. They’re a Swedish company that design a range of high quality stationery and I adore the simple style. Bought a notebook and was hooked. Luckily you can buy them on line now, or Selfridges London stock them, and they come in a riot of gorgeous colours.  The motivational sticker on top is my addition (available at Amazon). 

Fresh Flowers.  Today on my desk I have a little posy of peonies, and a single stemmed gerbera (both in hot pink). The peonies I love (see previous post), and gerberas make me smile (and are handy for photo shoots). No matter your budget, treat yourself to some flowers.


And hanging just above my desk is my Mood Board. This one needs refreshing and I’ve got 5 others dotted around my home. Can’t live without them, and I honestly believe if you visualise you goals and dreams it helps them materialise (still waiting on the Lamborghini).

Hotel Chocolat 

Hotel Chocolat. These are for a blog piece I’m working on (purely research you understand). We’ve got a really cool store in Belfast, but browse on line at the luxurious chocolate gifts and treats. Particularly gorgeous at Christmas time - Oh yikes, did someone just mention Christmas?

A fun bottle of Diet Coke. 


Also worth a mention, in no particular order.

Jo Malone candle (Lime Basil & Mandarin of course).

Megan Hess framed pic (I have the original in my bedroom)

And my fav, fav, fav photo of all time - Me and George.


So that’s my desk for today, I’ll update it from time to time, but in the meantime - let me know what fun and stylish things are on your desk? 


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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