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Some stylish alternatives to green beer.

Published 15.03.16 · Foodie ·

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St Patrick's Day is almost upon us: the international festival of everyone pretending to be Irish.  Now, I’m all for the craic, but I just can’t get behind the green beer thing.  I did it once (just because I’m Irish) and it was awful.  I’ll happily embrace the cockles & mussels, the cabbage and mash, but pleasssee, NO green beer! Instead, I’ll be drinking cocktails to celebrate: cocktails that are still (slightly) green, still spirited, still boozy, but - unlike their beery counterpart – slightly more feminine.

So, if chugging scores of coloured ale isn’t your thing, and in the spirit of all things green, may I suggest... Some Stylish Alternatives

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Pot of Gold The perfect Irish champagne cocktail.


Pear Drop Martini Best enjoyed on the rooftop (weather permitting) @ The Ivory  (they mix the best PDM in the city).

Ginger & Cucumber Fizz (Shortcross it is then).

Shortcross Gin

The Whiskey Smash (Of course the whiskey will be Irish)


Basil-Vodka Gimlet (This one’s for you Louise)

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Oh, and if you insist on dressing up, a perfectly styled, mint green tutu, aka Carrie Bradshaw, might be just the job.


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Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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