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Empty candle jar posy

Published 07.07.16 · Living ·

Source: © Photo credit: Jacqueline Baker

My chum called at my house the other evening and asked how I made this posy, I had sitting on my desk?

So here you go Fran, this blog is for …

Time to prettify your place – and arrange some roses in a candle jar.

Take one empty, Jo Malone, candle holder (any excuse to burn a JM candle). In absence of said jar, a whiskey glass, or other low-rise tumbler would suffice, but definitely lack the pizazz (I would even suggest leaving the JM sticker on).

Take a dozen feminine roses (twelve seems to be the magic number, I’ve tried to use ten, and it’s just not enough). The ones in this pic are from M&S, £6 for 12, but I have also used the smaller bunch, £4 for 12, it’s okay(ish), but the £6 bunch (in my eyes), is just perfect.

Hold a single rose against the glass, and chop the rose, 1 cm above the rim. Quick tip: Set the glass on the edge a counter, hold the rose against the glass, hanging over the counter (factor in the thick base, which is also about a cm), you want the end of the rose to touch the top of the base, not the bottom of the glass (does that make sense?). Anyway, you can’t go wrong, if you measure to the bottom of the glass it’ll be a bit too long and won’t stand properly in the glass, so you’ll just have to chop another bit off. What ever you do, don’t go short! If in doubt be cautious, better to cut too long, than too short. Phew!

Okay, now chop a further 8 roses the same size, place them in the glass, forming a circle around the outside. How do they look? Gorgeous aren’t they? Are they even(ish)? Chop a further 2, and squish them in.  Starting to bulk out now - that’s 10 in so far. Even it up a bit, move the roses until they’re all nice and snug, and even (I get a bit Martha Stewart here). You may find that although you chopped all the roses the same length, they lie differently when placed in the glass. If needs be, chop the remaining 2 roses to fit (maybe a wee bit shorter or a wee bit longer than the others).

 Voilà! All done! – A feminine, stylish, posy that looks fabulous anywhere.

Now you probably faffed a bit with this one (being your first time), but that’s okay. I can now chop a bunch of roses (still in the cellophane) and have them arranged in the glass in less than six minutes (I kid you not).

Happy Friday everyone! 

PS: Diptyque jars also look great, but I’m too much of a JM fan to advocate this, but they’re branding is totally on point! 


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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