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A Blustery Day................

Published 01.01.14 · Seasonal ·

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So far today my wheelie bin has blown up the street (scattering egg cartons and newspapers), and my gate has blown off its hinges. It’s a cold, dark, windy day, but it is after all January. It’s one of those days when thoughts of stepping outside should be eradicated.

It’s Saturday 4th January so the lucky ones amongst us don’t have to be anywhere, so forget complaining about how awful the weather is, and embrace winter. Light the candles, grab the largest, cosiest blanket (cashmere is best) you can find, put on VERY thick socks (preferably something festive, red or stripy). Stock pile a load of glossies (Olive is good this time of year). Grab a good book (I know you’ve got magazines, but you’ll want plenty of options within arms reach). Snacks - I suggest handmade crisps and a dip, or maybe a BIG bag of maltesers, but defiantly include chocolate in your arsenal. Remote Control, box set DVD’s and your phones.

Drink – Whatever takes your fancy, anything that warms and relaxes you - A steaming cup of frothy hot chocolate, a nice glass of port, or maybe a hot whiskey?

Now.  Sit back, and take a moment to be grateful. It doesn’t matter if the North Wind is howling, or that the rain is lashing against your windows, you’re safely tucked up under your blanket – cosy, warm, content.


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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