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My Dreamcatcher

Published 15.12.14 · Living ·

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This is not a blog it's basically just a little hello (although what constitutes a blog?). I thought I'd say hello because a really great thing happened today - I wrote the last page of my diary. What? You don't think that's great? Of course it is, it's the end of a chapter and the start of something new - yeahhhh!! Who knows what the next lot of months might bring. The anticipation of the unfolding months, the nights out, the good times, the bad times (hopefully not many), the new friendships formed, challenges overcome, goals achieved.

Anyone else keep a diary/journal? I've been recording my life for over 15 years and can't image not doing it. Like how else do people store memories? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of computers and software, but I’ve yet to find a program that can replace my journal. Computers can store text, but you can’t really store magazine cuttings, wedding invites, photos etc. you need to be able to touch and feel them. I store snippets from magazines of the latest fashions, recipes from Olive that I keep but never cook, articles about far away beaches I may or may not visit – but maybe one day I might. Just ‘stuff’ that I love and want to record forever.

My journal comes with me everywhere and it’s the first thing I pull out when I sit in a coffee shop (see main pic, that was in The Ivory, Belfast - a great place to write). It’s like a best friend I tell everything, my dreamcatcher. I can yell in my journal and no one will hear me, it’s for to-do lists and for done lists, and is great source material for articles.

But I’ve come to the end of this one, it’s busting with pictures and stories and ideas all neatly recorded forever. But guess what I do just before storing? I pick an old journal from the pile, sit on my bed and have a read. Maybe I’ve chosen one from 5 or 6 years ago, I flick through the pages and hundreds of memories come flooding back and it makes me smile. Then I tuck them away safely until next time.

So tomorrow I begin a new journal, a new chapter. This time it’s an eye-catching apple green colour - I wonder what exciting adventures lie ahead? Watch this space..........

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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