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Hello Autumn ...

Published 20.09.15 · Seasonal ·

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It’s that time of year when we sadly say goodbye to summer. But as you pack away the sunscreen with a tear in your eye, don’t be too disappointed because orange-tinted autumn is here and it’s definitely the best of the seasons.

Yes, it's going to get colder, darker and probably wetter, but there are plenty of things to enjoy about this golden time of year. I’m looking forward to cosying up in chunky knits from The White Company and hunkering down at home. 

Still not convinced about autumn - you will by the time you've finished reading this. I give you 10 reasons why autumn is the best of all seasons...

1          The Colours.

There's nothing more beautiful than watching the leaves change steadily from green, to yellow, to orange, to deep red, and carpet pavements and parks as they fall from the trees. The crunch underfoot as you take a stroll, everything is just that much prettier in the fall. George Eliot once said that if she were a bird she would fly around the world seeking the successive autumns.

2           Fall Fashion.

Fall is my favourite fashion season, and knitwear (hello cashmere) is hands down the biggest trend this year - just add leather leggings, and the perfect uniform that alluded you all summer is here. Embrace your dark side. It's officially time to switch to rich hues like wine and berry lipsticks and nail polishes.  Cosy knitted ponchos, luxe wool coats, scarves, jeans, comfy sweaters, ah! what’s not to love about fall fashion.

3          The weather becomes dream-like.

It's almost as if the perfect mix of sun and clouds and slight chill was combined together to create the best weather ever. In particular, I love feeling the contrast of a warm day followed by a chilly night. While I often miss the lazy days of summer, nothing can compare with the perfect temperatures and soft breeze of an autumn afternoon.  Providing it doesn’t rain too much, the autumn weather is genuinely wonderful, with cold, crisp mornings and sunsets that bask the country in a beautiful orange glow.


4          The Hot Drinks.

There's nothing like a cup of hot chocolate to warm your cold hands on a lovely Fall morning. Gingerbread lattes, mulled wine, hot port (I could go on).   

5          Comfort food.

It's time to replace all those ice cream bars and burgers with root vegetables and herbs and get cosy with comfort food.  From pumpkin pancakes to apple cider, no other season has such a firm grasp on its flavour profile.  But you don’t have to ditch the diets to enjoy comfort food. Hearty stews can be crammed with steaming veggies and sweet potatoes; ditch the gravy with the turkey dinner, and serve baked cinnamon apples in place of apple crumble.

6          Everything Pumpkin

I have a weird fascination with pumpkins, probably stemming back to childhood and watching the Americans skipping around and having fun at their pumpkin patches (I so wanted to visit a patch).  So now I love all things pumpkin. Pumpkin pies, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin carving - pumpkins are so versatile and so perfect for autumn; even their colour blends in perfectly with autumn scenery. 

7          Roaring fires.

Whether you are cozying up to a good book or just enjoying dinner at home, nothing is quite as serene as hanging by the fire. After a long day at work, this can be just what you need to put your mind at ease. If you are lucky enough to live near a country pub, then chances are you can enjoy your favourite tipple of something seasonal next to a real crackling log fire.


8          Halloweeen

Speaking of pumpkins, another great thing about autumn is Halloweeen - a night when we get a free pass to carve lanterns out of vegetables, watch spooky films, dress up, eat loads of sweets and generally act like a child again. Humans' fascination with the dark side has made Halloween the second-largest commercial holiday behind Christmas.


9          The TV is way better – Fall TV is back

It's too cold for a night on the town, so it's a good job there's plenty for you to watch on the box. Autumn boasts the return of The X Factor (yeahh!!!!), Strictly Come Dancing and Downton Abbey - the final series (sob) - which should see you safely through to winter.

10       It’s basically Christmas…

With all the roaring fires, spiced lattes and the cold weather, autumn pretty much gives you the go ahead to start celebrating Christmas. The end of summer can be a bit disheartening, but there's one simple fact that can cheer us up - Christmas is just around the corner! There are officially only 14 weeks until Santa comes down our chimneys.


Do you celebrate the awesomeness of autumn as much as I do? Think I missed out on the best parts? 
If you're not falling in love with fall, what IS your favorite time of the year? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to wrap up warm as you enjoy all of the wonderful things these upcoming months have to offer.


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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