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The allure of a Hermès Avalon Blanket.

Published 16.03.18 · Living ·
Belfast Blogger

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Two things I’m totally obsessed with this week are BIG heated rollers (blame Sophie Stanbury) and a Hermès Avalon blanket.  The rollers are a must, the blanket … a lust!

The equivalent of a Birkin for the home, but at £1,000.00 a pop it is quite the splurge.  Okay, so it doesn't quite have the same eye-watering price tag of a Birkin, but a Hermès's Avalon blanket makes a similar statement when draped across the arm of an Eames chair as the handbag does on the arm of Victoria Beckham.  A normal Birkin bag will retail anywhere above £5,600, but they are considered a solid investment and have increased in value by 500 % over the past 35 years, outperforming the American stock market and the price of gold.  There's hope for the blanket.

Hermes offers what I consider the ultimate accessory for the home. Without question, a Hermes Avalon blanket certainly holds some serious rank. This cashmere/wool blend blanket is the epitome of luxury and certainly adds a fabuluxe touch to any room.  I'll be browsing Pinterest, and suddenly I see it—that beautiful piece of wool—with the classic H....and I swoon, it literally makes me happy every time I see it.

Whether you place it on your bed, drape it on your sofa or side chair or hey, maybe even use it in the nursery (Rachel Zoe) -  it is just sooo stylish.

The 85%-wool-15%-cashmere piece that's branded with the enviable Hermès "H"s got major fashion cred when it made a cameo in the Sex and the City movie. (Recall the heartbroken Carrie Bradshaw wrapped in Charlotte's Avalon blanket, consoling herself with a bottle of vodka after her wedding debacle?).  Who wouldn't, honestly? 

Timelessly chic, we've seen it in the swankiest interiors, from celebrity homes like Ellen DeGeneres's L.A. pad to fashion blogger spaces. It can be used in any space where a blanket or throw would come in handy: bedrooms, living rooms, outdoor spaces… even kids' rooms if you want to get really fancy.

I know I will certainly try to justify it at some point in my life because just like a Birkin, this baby is an investment piece that you can enjoy for years to come, an item like this is a forever piece. One that, if you don’t let your dogs chew their treat sticks all over it, could be passed down to another generation. Call me crazy, but sometimes these overpriced; fancy label items are sometimes worth their money.

Have to have it?  Purchase it here. And then invite me over to see the beauty in person.  I wouldn't dream of breathing/eating/drinking near it, but I will admire it from afar.  :) 

I'll have this one in camel, please...


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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