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Squeaky Clean!

Published 20.04.14 · Living ·

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Squeaky Clean!

My friend (Nicole), who owns a model agency in Dubai, once told me that she could look at a women’s face and tell instantly if she had regular facials – she informed me I didn’t. She then gently ran her thumb over my cheek and said I need one - I’ve been a fan ever since.

 To this day I still have regular facials (about every 5-6 weeks), but I don’t keep check on my calendar, my skin tells me when it’s time. One morning I’ll look in the mirror and my appearance will seem a bit blah, a bit lacking something but not sure what. I’ll maybe play around with the bathroom lighting, apply a little extra make-up (or remove a little make-up) before I suddenly twig – A facial, it’s time for a facial.

 I’ve been looking after my skin since I was 14. My induction to proper ‘grown up’ skin care was at an Oriflame party, in 1978 (who remembers Oriflame parties? – A bit like a Tupperware party, only you bought make-up and skin care products while nibbling twiglets). That day the consultant demonstrated how to properly cleanse and tone using damp cotton wool. And so began my quest for ultra clean and healthy skin. 35 years later, day and night, I still perform this same routine (only now I prefer Dermalogica).

 I’d say I’m slightly more interested in skin care products than make up, apart from maybe summertime when the big beauty houses launch their new collections (I mean who can resist Dior’s Azurre Blue varnish, or Nars Hot Sand Peach champagne (a peachy skin illuminator)?  But I’m a product junky through and through, so you can imagine my surprise when Alex (my facialist) asked if I’d ever used a pre cleanse? (I hadn’t) but more to the point, how could a product as significant as this (I mean, I’d never even heard of pre-cleanse), slip below my radar? So she gently massaged this pre cleanse into my face and I swear, I could feel my make-up melt (no, seriously, I could), it was divine.  Know in the industry as ‘the professional's deep cleansing weapon’, this silky smooth plant-based cleansing liquid, gently dissolves oil, sunscreen, waterproof make-up, or any other environmental pollutants that happen to lurk on your skin. A double dunk cleansing oil for your cleanest skin ever! Genius. I left the salon looking perkier, refreshed and glowing. I know, I know, I'd just had a facial of course i'm going to be looking good (apart from the oily hair), but this time was different - trust me.  And please remember, I’m not being paid to write this review, I just really liked it. 

So there you have it, the bottom line is, if you only buy one product this month, buy this. Or at least blag a sample from your local salon and try it.  On-line prices vary, I paid £29.06 on Amazon (see link below), but it’s available nationwide.  I'm hooked.

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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