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Pyjamas all day - Well almost.

Published 25.08.14 · Travel / Escapes ·
Lets stay home

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I know, I know, the weather’s appalling and it’s a bank holiday weekend.  All thoughts of bar-b-ques and trips to the beach are shelved. But here’s the thing. Isn’t it sometimes nice to do nothing? Like I mean, really do nothing. I have a little quote on my office wall that reads ‘It is what it is’, and on a day like today it’s particularly apt. There ‘s nothing we can do about the weather so just embrace it. 

I woke this morning to a dismal day, but instead of being disappointed I decided to hunker down and enjoy being home (don’t forget, I’d normally be complaining about going to work).  I woke early, but instead of getting up I watched a movie in bed and it was great (cant remember my last duvet day).  My mind is always buzzing with a million things I should be doing, but today I choose to do nothing.

When eventually I did get up I switched on some lamps as I walked around the house (at 11.00am). I went to the living room and lit some candles (Jo Malone of course), and turned on the twinkly lights I have in my fireplace. It honestly felt (and looked) like a winter’s day - but I felt content and it got me wondering why? As our lives become busier and busier and we cram our days with stuff to do, places to go and people to see, we sort of miss out on just relaxing. I know we label going to the movies, or dinner with friends as relaxing, but when was the last time you stayed home and read a book, or flicked through a magazine? For me it felt a long time ago. For those with kids, they’ll all back to school and Uni soon, so it’s nice to have them home, order some food, watch a movie and just chat. The wind can howl and the rain can fall, we’re all cosy here. In fact, stay in your PJ’s ALL DAY if you want.

So there was me, all cosy at home embracing this sodden bank holiday Monday, waxing lyrical the vitures of relaxing, when my phone rings.   “Yes, yes, that would be lovely, just give me time to throw on my jeans”. The candles are snuffed, the lights tuned off, books and rugs stored away – and I’m out the door. 30 mins later, my chum and I are sitting in front of a big roaring fire, lunch for two with a steaming glass of port.

Happy Bank Holiday everyone, I hope you’re cosy and warm.

Thanks to the Old Inn Crwafordsburn. Your well-stoked fires made for a welcome retreat on very blustery day.

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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