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The 10 simple rules Bobbi Brown lives by.

Published 15.05.16 · Style ·
Bobbi Brown

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A long time fan of all things Bobbi Brown - one of the most influential women in beauty, and synonymous with the clean, polished look coveted by women around the world. I was searching for some details on a face oil I’d just purchased (game changer), when I came across an article discussing ‘life rules’ she follows (and lets face it, if anyone’s an advocate of getting things right – it’s Bobbi).

Bobbi Brown’s makeup range was the runaway success story of the 1990s (her make-up range is the cosmetic equivalent of the little black dress – elegant and timeless), and since then the New Yorker has built upon her empire to write eight books, open 33 stores, sell 21 million units of product each year, produce six fragrances, become editor-in-chief of Yahoo Beauty and back some great causes – Phew!

As her self-made brand continues teaching women how to do their own makeup and empowering them to feel good about themselves, she’s managed to stay true to her 'being real' DNA despite corporate pressure. No mean feat! Her maternal side trickles into the company culture: the kitchens at Bobbi Brown HQ are stocked with fresh fruit, it has an on-site manicurist, and employees can bring their dogs to work. But whatever she’s doing, honesty is everything. “My management style is relaxed but direct,” says Brown. “I hate when someone just says ‘yes’ because they think it’s what I want to hear. I’m no-nonsense and simple – just how I want women to buy my makeup.”

From the practical to the philosophical, let Bobbi’s life hacks inspire you:

Bobbi's 10 Life Rules...

1. Work hard, but smart. "But I'm not saying you have to work too much here, just be smart."

2. Be nice. "It's just easier to be nice, right?"

3. Be fearless. "So what if you make a mistake? People worry about getting it wrong, but so what if you do?"

4. Never stop learning. "Ever."

5. Stay positive "I'm lucky, this comes to be pretty naturally, but when it comes to negativity. Let. It. Go."

6. Keep on reading: "Just read a little more."

7. Surround yourself with great people: "The secret to my success is that I've surrounded myself with people who can do the things that I can't."

8. Be grateful: "And remember, you get back what you put in."

9. Be open: "Never close your eyes to anything. And, every now and then, press the reset button."

10. Have fun: "That's one of my most important rules."

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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