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Frighteningly Fabulous Ideas For An Haute Halloween

Published 29.10.15 · Style ·

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It's the same date every year but, somehow, Halloween always seems to take us by surprise; it’s 30th Oct and you’re still figuring out exactly what to wear. 

Please ditch the old witch’s hat and broomstick – I know you can do so much better.  Armed with your own wardrobe, full of great pieces. and a few inspiring ideas, whipping up a stylish costume should be painless and fun (no, this isn't a trick). Celebrating Halloween, for grown-ups, doesn’t mean dressing up as hot dog; it’s an opportunity to flex your fashionable creative muscles.  You can be extra bold, totally stylish or skip the fuss completely and simply wear cat ears. Regardless of the choice, style always comes into play. The best part, of going with a stylish costume, is you don’t need to set foot in a costume store to put together your look for the evening.  So. whether you're looking for a full on costume or a token spooky touch, here are some stylish ideas to give you some cool costume inspiration and turn your cold October evening into a haute night to remember.

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1          Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly

Obvious choice I know, but Audrey Hepburn’s famous character is perfect for those who want to get super glammed up this year. Shine bright like a diamond (or a socialite) in an LBD and statement necklace. A French twist updo, bold brows and nude lips add the finishing touch. Chances are you or your friends have a little tiara in that one drawer full of costumes, classic long gloves and a cigarette holder. Finally, glam yourself up in pearls and slip into your black pumps, and you’ll be the most elegant girl at the party.

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2          The Women of Mad Men

Mad Men

Peggy, Betty, and Joan have the most buzzed-about television wardrobes in the past few years, inspiring a renaissance of retro, ladylike style, thanks to its costume designer Janie Bryant; and making them great Halloween costume inspiration. 

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3          Iris Apfel


Anyone who has an appreciation for design or fashion will recognize you as the eclectic goddess, known as Iris Apfel.  Personify this incredibly unique woman for Halloween, by putting on every single piece of jewellery you own, along with the loudest patterned dress or coat you can lay your hands on; but don’t forget Apfel’s signature oversized spectacles, without which, the outfit will miss the mark, completely.

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4          Twiggy

British supermodel, Twiggy, is known for inspiring the 1960’s mod fashion movement. Her skinny build, blonde pixie haircut, and iconic false eyelashes were part of her signature look. All you’ll need is a simple shift dress and chunky jewellery. Focus on mod makeup with liquid eyeliner, false lashes (top and bottom!), sharply defined eye crease, blue eye shadow, and pale lips. This is perfect for girls with short hair, which you can just simply slick to one side.


5          Carrie Bradshaw


Our favourite clothes-hoarding, shoe-loving columnist has had a whole lot of crazy style moments (remember that billowing tutu in the opening sequence?); but she mostly she’s loved for her character's impeccable, risk-taking flair, not fails.  Carrie defined fearless fashion: plaid crop tops, mismatched prints, menswear-inspired ensembles and over-the-top embellishments. Who else would pair jewelled panties with a sapphire blue, dramatic blazer, or wear a teal bird on her head, to her own wedding? So whatever you have lurking in the back of your wardrobe, haul it out and your good to go.


6          Coco Chanel

For a classic, sophisticated look, dress up as famous couture designer, Coco Chanel. Strings of pearls, and a polished nautical look, little black dress or boucle suit, Curl or pin your hair up, if its long, and think old Hollywood glamour, when it comes to makeup. Do red lips, black eyeliner, and dramatic eyebrows. A chain-strap bag and patent ballet flats, complete this fashion symbol costume.

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7          Anna Wintour


Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, is the closest thing we have to a real-life fashion police. Her intimidating style would make the perfect Halloween costume. for any fashion lover. For this you’ll need a sandy-blonde bob wig, oversized sunglasses, a chic dress, and fur coat. Carry a copy of Vogue, and you’re set!


I could go on……..

Serena and Blair - Gossip Girl

Becky Bloomwood - Confessions of a Shopaholic

 So give the Nurse’s outfit a rest this year, and try something a little more runway-inspired. I’m hoping for an especially haute Halloween.

Who are you dressing up as this Halloween? Share your look below!



Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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