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These are a few of my favourite things ...

Published 28.12.15 · Living ·
The White Company

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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Mine was relaxingly quiet, spent mostly catching up with friends and family, and I loved every minute of it; although I can't quite believe it's all over, for another year.  Many find the ‘crimbo limbo’ - the period after Christmas Day and before New Year's Eve - extremely dull; but I love it, spent as it is, mainly sitting down, eating leftovers. For those of us not having to rush back to work, quite yet, it’s a week for lazing around, staying in your pj’s 24/7, watching holiday TV and gorging on chocolate.  

Slimming World

During this down time one of the things I like doing most is looking over the gifts I received.  Christmas Day is always so manic that you don’t really get to appreciate your pressies, so the first free day after the holidays, I sit surrounded by presents, draft thank you notes to the sender, and get to play with my gifts.

With that in mind I picked up these beautiful note cards and envelopes by Meri Meri – just the thing for a stylish ‘thank you’.  The cards have a printed and glitter embellished "Darling" written on them, with each card having its own glitter embellished stripe lined envelope to finish (so fabulous).


I’m not a fan of ‘what I got for Christmas’ posts, but getting it right at Christmas can be tricky and mastering the art of gift giving can leave us in a bit of a pickle. So this post is just to highlight a couple of hero gifts I received that would make fab birthday presents for your BFF’s over the coming months.   

I have an unhealthy love of stationery, so my first two gifts were a joy to receive. No matter what has been going on in my life, pads and pens always make me happy. A pen and paper is my stress-release valve. Got a problem? Write it down. Missing someone? Write them a letter.

The White Company 

From The White Company - ‘Do Small Things With Great Love Notebook’.

The White Company

With a sleek, contemporary design and motivational slogan, this notebook is a lovely gift for any scribbler.  At the back of the notebook there is a handy wallet for all my tickets, receipts, magazine pull-outs and business cards. Thank you Una - the perfect gift. 

The White Company

From the same ‘White Heart Foundation’ range – A set of ten white pencils in a chic grey box, each with a beautiful and inspiring sentiment. Quotes include 'make a wish', 'dance in the rain' and 'do what you love'.  I'm so excited by these pencils I just ordered a (white) electric sharpener from Amazon (hours of fun keeping all those leads sharp!).

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols Champagne Hat Box to share  - OMG, thank you Frances, I loved receiving this (who wouldn't want a Harvey Nichols Christmas Hamper?).  This would be perfect for parties, picnics and sophisticated sleepovers, the ultimate addition to any girlie night in with a cute collection of mini bottles of champagne complete with drinking straws. Secured with a stunning satin ribbon, this is a great gift for girlie girls. The sexy pic on top means this stylish box will remain a permanent feature in my dressing room, long after the corks have been popped. 

Belfast Blogger

A gorgeous gift for someone that is notoriously hard to please?

Megan Hess 

Can’t believe I actually own, Megan Hess plates.  Those who know me best will know how much I love Megan Hess, and these stunning limited edition plates were on my wish list, but as they sold out so quickly I never dreamt I’d get one in time for Christmas. The fine porcelain plates feature an illustration in the centre (of a Chanel, Dior, Prada or Valentino dress) and are accompanied by a whimsical story wrapping the edge in gold words. - ‘She wore Prada couture and vacationed in Crete. She longed for a handsome Prince to sweep her off her feet’.

Megan Hess 

Created in limited edition and presented in an elegant Megan Hess gift box. Watch out for the hefty shipping and duty charges.

Top of the wish list for next year? - These matching Couture Show Napkins, after all, it's only 363 days until Christmas.  Dear Santa …..

 Megan Hess

Maybe some of the above will find its way onto your wish lists. That said, if you're anything like me, you actually enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. Tis the season for giving, after all! So I’d like to hear about that too! What was the best gift you gave someone else?  Leave me a comment below x




Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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