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The Art Of Slow Living

Published 15.01.17 · Living ·

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Anyone else notice these beautiful hashtags on Instagram? Or maybe they’re resonating with me, because of how I’m feeling.

Since the middle of December, I’ve had this burning feeling about wanting to step back; to slow down, to breathe. I was aware of a constant thrum of disquiet within myself, and craved something easier, slower. I know this all sounds a bit ‘woo-woo,’ a bit current; but, for the last six weeks or so, I’ve taken a bit of a step back from things, and it feels great.

I haven’t gone into hiding, and I’m not posting this blog from an ashram in Mumbai, I’ve just stepped off the train for a bit.

These three hashtags are what I most associate with, right now.  #seekthesimplicity #itsthelittlethings #theartofslowliving

Maybe, it was the excesses of Christmas and the workload leading up to the festive season, or maybe it’s the desire to hibernate in winter; but the #artofslowliving is what’s making me most happy, for the moment.

I love my home, and my friends know how I like to decorate, to make things cosy and stylish (it’s my superpower). Soooo … I decided I wanted to hang out in it, just a little more. Don’t get me wrong, you’re all invited, but you’ll have to come visit (please bring cake?).  I just want to be here, and appreciate #thesimplethings.

Last week, I found a found a Jo Malone candle lurking on a shelf, in my office. It’s a Limited Edition, Rose & Rosemary, the glass is sage green and the scent is amazingly delicate. But, the point is, I’d stopped noticing it was there; stopped noticing the fragrance – completely dismissive. So, I picked up the candle, made myself a coffee, flicked through a magazine and just enjoyed the moment.  It was that simple; and it brought me so much pleasure.

For a while now, I’ve sort of felt a bit desensitised. Like I’m showing up for stuff, but not fully engaged. I’m happy (I’m always happy), but something was missing. I stopped feeling like me; I’d stopped #lovingthelilttlethings (or at least stopped loving them enough).  I was constantly on auto pilot, saying yes to everything (and everyone), so I took a step back and decided to #seekthesimplicity.

I’ve been reading a lot, and I’ve been cooking more, I’ve been detoxing my garage, organising closets (organising always makes me happy).  I’ve shut out the noise of external influences. I’ve been listening to music and switching off from technology (a biggie for a blogger). I’ve been experimenting with bath oils and bubbles, and napping under a cashmere blanket. I’ve had early morning runs followed by pancakes and bananas, I’ve watched a movie on Sky, which I recorded a year ago; but, mostly, I’ve been #enjoyingthemoment.

We live in a fast-paced world, where multi-tasking has become the new normal, and doing things at a regular speed is frowned upon. But, sometimes, we just need to slow down and enjoy life. We need to breathe, relax, and savour the moments. So, as the weekend draws to a close, friends, I’ve no immediate plans to abandon this happy authentic state.  Be gentle with yourselves. Take time to enjoy the little things. Choose what you do, wisely; choose intentionally to live the life you want, rather than scurrying about. But, above all else, have a great week.

How do you seek simplicity? Let me know in the comments below?


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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