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Olive et Oriel

Published 17.09.17 · Living ·

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If you love style savvy décor, you’ll absolutely adore Australian-based Olive et Oriel.  What is it with me and Australian websites? 

Wall art has been popular for a while. So, on the face of it, Olive et Oriel is just a site selling wall art; but, it’s not... it’s so much more.

What is Olive et Oriel?

Olive et Oriel is a creative studio, based in Australia and founded in 2015, by stay-at-home-mum of two, Teigan McCleary.  It’s an online boutique collection of on-trend, high-quality art prints and posters, specialising in inspirational, sentimental and funny quotes. The fact it was only created two years ago makes me feel like a lazy-son-of-a-something (all that, in two years, what have I been doing with my life?). 

Why I love it?

What’s not to love? I guess Olive et Oriel must have popped up on my IG feed at some stage, but I’ve been stalking the brand for months.  Their website and IG feed is a joy to browse. I could quite literally re-design my home, based on Teigan’s style (all those muted greys and soft pastels).  Each print/poster is perfectly styled in an in-situ position so you can see how you print might look. 


Who will love it?

EVERYONE! Well, my fashionista pals would go crazy for it all, but the children’s section is just a delight.  How beautiful is this little ‘Bunny’ print, or this 'Lil’ Deer’ from their baby animal range? The perfect addition to a modern nursery or playroom!

Have you seen their IG account?

With quality designer prints made this affordable, it’s no wonder Olive et Oriel have accrued over 125K followers on Instagram.  Pop over to check out the pretty.

What are my favourite ​pieces?

Silly question.  I’ve edited this list three times, but I’ll have a go ...

Coffee, Croissants, Peonies and Vogue -  my weekend essentials! This print was designed for me, and it’s the one I’m going to purchase (can’t decide which size).

Boss Mode – for all my fellow #bossbabes

Not sure why, but I really like this ‘Highlander’, just not sure where I’d place him (maybe he’ll be a gift).

'Life is Tricky Baby' stay in your magic!  Basically my life right now.

With free standard shipping worldwide (it’s hard not to get carried away) and a choice of A5 through to 100x150cm, Olive Et Oriel provides a print service like no other. The super brand ahead of the curve, they are forever creating chic, up-to-the-minute, high quality art, which will have your walls screaming for more.  

Which chic print (or three) would you choose? Let me know in the comments below.


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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