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Trend Alert! Flowers in Hatboxes

Published 26.07.16 · Style ·

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Apologies in advance, but don’t you just hate it when someone tells you about a to-die-for product, that’s not available in your area – Sorry! but I just have to share. 

Nothing says #ThankYou like a customised box of flowers, a trend in gifting that you would have been seeing everywhere on Instagram, from the Kardashians to almost every influencer on the planet!  My feeds are awash with beautiful bouquets from celebrated flower houses, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, but the one I have fallen most in love with is …. Cartel Flowers from Australia (how come all the seriously cool creatives are from Oz?).

Cartel looks at the process of ordering flowers a little differently. The Australian luxury flower company was started by Geelong’s Amanda Kereama, together with her husband Ezra, and is quickly growing national notoriety. Their goal was to introduce the “new luxury in flowers” to the market (they certainly scored on that one).  They wanted to create a beautiful personalised box to hold incredibly beautiful flowers and something that Australia hadn’t seen before.  Taking the standard dozen red roses to a new level of luxe, presenting bouquets in hatboxes is the epitome of chic. I cannot imagine receiving anything nicer.

I simply cannot get enough of these, you can even reuse the chic box as storage or refill it with fresh flowers.

A stylish shower ...

And maybe for her first birthday?

That'll be a 'Yes' then ...

One for the boys ...

And as if all that wasn't dreamy enough, they've collaborated with Fashion/Illustrator, Sandra Botros, to come up with these cool sketches of the Cartel girls.

Not available in Northern Ireland! - Sorry!

Love these as much a me? Let me know in the comments below. 




Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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