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Welly Merck - A quality watch that will win you style and cool points.

Published 02.05.17 · Style ·

Source: © Photo cred: Jacqueline Baker

As a blogger, people send you stuff. If, like me, you’ve a strong conviction that you’ll only feature products you’d sincerely recommend, you must be prepared to send much of it back. This watch is going nowhere!

Welly Merck – a relatively new kid on the watchmaking block – has brought out a range of watches, which they asked if I’d be prepared to review. With my usual caveats, I said I’d consider it; and it’s turned out to be one of my better decisions.

Okay, so I have a bit of a thing for pared back and understated, so for this review I requested a ‘Classic New York R’.  In a rose-gold colour, with a white dial, at 36mm across, and with a thickness of only 6mm; the minimalist design is gorgeous, and will immediately appeal to the fashion-forward set!

If you put on a watch every day then it’s worth investing in a timepiece that you really love, given the cost per wear. That doesn’t mean you need to splurge a four-figure sum, though. When you discover the Classic New York R retails at only €265 (wow - affordable luxe), you tend to be sceptical about where they’ve saved the money; but this uses a Swiss quartz movement, found in more expensive watches, is waterproof to 3 atmospheres, and, to cap it all, has a sapphire-crystal glass, which should keep it looking in mint-condition, for years to come. Welly Merck claims the cost saving is down to selling largely direct and online, cutting out the middleman.

The straps are interchangeable (but the rose gold finish definitely glams it up a notch), and can be purchased separately, ranging from €35 to €78, giving you the chance to have several watches in one, for a modest additional outlay. To me, this makes it even better value for money, since you can make it suitable for far more occasions… and outfits!

What you wear with your timepiece is just as important as when you wear it, so today I wore it with jeans, a sweater and sneakers.  Tomorrow I shall be wearing it for drinks with the girls, so I’ll be dressing it up and maybe piling on some friendship bracelets. If you invest wisely and style it right, any watch can look right at any time.

This one is deemed a ‘ladies watch’, but I see no reason why it would look out of place, on a man’s wrist. The men’s watches are 42mm across, and about €20 more, so I suppose it’s all down to personal preference. 

They say that finding the right watch is a bit like finding a husband. Pick a great one and you’ll keep it forever. Pick the wrong one and you’ll be dying to get rid of it after a year or two. I think this relationship is going to last.

Have a look at their website, and let me know which is your favourite, and which straps you think would be a useful addition, in the comments below?

Enter code lovejackie at checkout, and gain a WHOPPING 20% discount on your purchase (I know!). 


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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