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Published 19.03.15 · Health & Fitness ·

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Fallen Off The Weight Loss Wagon: Part Deux

So here I am, a week in to trying to change my attitude towards weight loss, diet and exercise, and it's going well, but of course is not with out its little struggles (especially as I was on holiday for part of it). Hopefully you felt inspired by my first round of tips, and so here's the 2nd lot to keep you going and help you muddle through the confusion that can be diet and exercise!

Eat better feel better

Tip Six: A diet's not just for Christmas

In fact...who ever diets at Christmas? Anyway, my point is all these changes you're making now shouldn't just be for a quick fix, or for your summer bikini body, but for the long term. Losing weight and getting fitter is about lifestyle changes, and those changes shouldn't end as soon as you have reached your goal, or you'll end up right back where you started and getting stuck in a pattern of yo yo dieting like so many of us fall into.

Focus on making lifestyle changes for the long term, and accept from here on you're going to be healthier and fitter.

Tip Seven: Compromise

So there will be some days your diet affects your social life (boo, hoo), meaning you have to turn down plans, or you're the only one with a salad at your work meal out. Then there will be some days your social life affects your diet, it's all about finding balance.

Of course if you decide to shut yourself away to avoid over eating or boozing your going to end up miserable, and equally if you jump at the opportunity for tea and cake or wine and dinner at every chance you get you're likely to see little progress and feel like you're failing at reaching the goals you've set yourself.

Find a balance and allow yourself a night off once in a while, but also equally commit yourself to your weight loss plan and accept sometimes this might interfere with your social life.

Tip Eight: Every little helps

Often it's the small decisions we make that adds up to the bigger picture. It can be so easy to think 'oh one bar of dairy milk won't hurt,' but it all adds up. Stick to your diet and exercise plan the very best you can, the same goes for work outs, if you've planned to get a run in in the evening do it, rather than thinking 'I'll just skip it this once.'

There's a well known image shared amongst the Instagram and Twitter fitness fanatics that reads 'I really regret that work out...said nobody ever,' and it's true, how often do you get back from the gym and think 'I really wish I didn't do that'? Next time you're thinking of skipping it, don't!

Tip Nine: Don't give up

 OK so we can all hold our hands up and say 'yes I have slipped up' it happens to the best of us and sometimes life does just get in the way. When this does happen 85% give up all together due to one small slip up. Rather than packing it all in, admit to what happened, accept that you are human and it's OK to make a mistake or have a moment of weakness, but don't let it stop you in your tracks, remember tomorrow is another day and you can start on your journey to being healthier once again, just don't make slip ups a regular thing.

Tip Ten: Dress the part

One of the best motivational tips is to invest in some gym gear you feel good in. If you're joining a gym for the first time it's great to feel like you fit in rather than sticking out like a sore thumb, so invest in some bits that make you feel like you look the part.

There's also nothing better than the feeling of 'I can't wait to get down the gym' because of your new pair of trainers or your new running vest, in putting on our fitness gear we're telling our brain it's time to change roles and time to exercise, plus you'll get more out of your work out if you're wearing clothing designed to let you move freely with out restrictions.

Just as I was writing that last tip I snapped my computer shut, jumped in the car and scooted to Podium 4 Sport on Montgomery Road. Woo hoo! They got so much cool stuff in their store, but I came across a brand called Saucony (I’m a Nike girl through and through and don’t normally look beyond it), but this brand had so many fab, zesty colours for spring it really caught my attention. I purchased a fluorescent orange running top (with wee thumb holes that help keep your mits warm), purple training bottoms and the coolest, jazziest (so not me) pair of Asics trainers (didn’t have my size in stock so they’ve ordered them to arrive on Tuesday, otherwise I’d have taken a pic to show you).  Now there’s nothing like a cute ensemble to get you pumped, so first thing tomorow me and my new kit are off for a run.

Have a nice weekend everyone xo xo

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Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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