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Water Bottle Brand bkr Proves Hydration Can Be Fashionable

Published 06.09.16 · Living ·

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Ever come across a ridiculously utilitarian product that totally makes your heart skip?  - Meet my new bkr (pronounced ‘beaker’) luxury water Jug.  I know, I know, it’s just a vessel for holding water, I hear ya, but it’s so freaking stylish, I just keep staring at it. I bought mine in the Virgin store Dubai, but you can get them here in the UK.  This sort of thing probably wouldn’t have caught my attention before, but the last few weeks I’ve really been focusing on consuming more water (more water, less wine), so when I spotted the cool stand in Virgin, I was totally drawn.

Photographed by Alisha Goldstein, bkr fuses style and function with its water bottles

With its fashionable designs featuring a soft silicone sheath in runway inspired hues, water bottle label bkr is changing hydration routines. Every detail of this bottle is so ‘right on’. It looks cool, the silicone is a dream to hold (no slipping through your fingers), and there’s a really chunky carry loop that makes it remarkably comfortable to transport. And because it's so on-point (and totally instagrammable), I’ve carted it everywhere, because I want to show it if off.

But here’s the thing, I can’t imagine I’ll stop at just one purchase, have you seen the Spring 2016 campaign? The company releases two collections every year - as well as one or two capsule collections - in shades inspired by runway trends. The limited edition ‘butter’ bottle (inspired by an undone linen bed, bottomless coffee, windows open and newspapers scattered, that Paris Sunday afternoon feeling, looking through the window at everything calm and ready, eating waffles made of cake batter, wearing only a pale pink manicure and a huge, chunky blue knit sweater), would look perfectly chic, with my Donna Karen black jersey trouser suit, and nude Prada Saffiano.

Me and my bkr.

bkr is the bottle equivalent of the perfect t-shirt. It’s super-luxe and soft.  Already a dedicated following among celebrities, beauty editors, the fashion industry (and me), bkr is both a symbol of mindful chic and a cult favourite across the globe. 

Gisele Caroline Bündchen rocking her bkr 

You have been warned - prepare to fall in love! Let me know in the comments below if you bought one in every colour?


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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