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10 Awesome Things To Do When You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

Published 11.02.16 · Living ·

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Even if you won't be receiving chocolates or other goodies, being single on Valentine's Day isn't really a big deal, you know.  Yeah, you might feel a little ... disgruntled, seeing all those couples gazing lovingly into each others eyes, but come on. You're young, free, and fabulous!  When I'm not in a relationship on Valentine's Day, I like to have a fun dinner or some other outing with people who make me laugh. Not a gloomy, woeful dinner with whiny people who are miserable about being single, but interesting and delightful people who happen to be single... single for now or single forever. It's fun.  Whether you're flying solo or just not with your man for the big day, you can still have a blast. C'mon, singles, claim your Valentine's Day!

Celebrate your freedom with these simple and fun ways to put love back into your Valentine's Day, no significant other needed:

Foodie Blogger

  • All my single ladies!!! Forget Valentine's Day, it's all about Galentine's Day. Get your fave group of single girlfriends round for dinner, go out to the movies (be sure to get giant buckets of popcorn to share), or head for a night on the town - Cheers to your awesome-ness! You're not the only single person in the world, so embrace the other single ladies in your life with a night of fun.

Lifestyle Blogger

  • Gimme all the treats! Not shelling out on a significant other means there’s more readies in the coffers for you. Why not buy that summer tote you’ve been eyeing, splurge on a new wardrobe or just drop it all on an indulgent massage. Be your own Valentine. 
  • Ask a guy friend out for a platonic date and split a meal at a tasty restaurant. 


  • Do nothing at all. Being single on Valentine’s Day is the one time you’re allowed a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card to spend the day exactly as you choose.
  • Send cards. When I was a kid, I loved Valentine's Day. I got such a kick out of giving out cute Valentine's Day cards to all the people who made me happy. I gave them to my parents, my teachers, favourite classmates, my BFF, even the mailman. Back then, Valentine's Day was fun, and it was an excuse to tell the people who make you happy how much they mean to you. Who said cards were just for significant others?


  • Let’s get physical. Get on your workout clothes and break a sweat. Go for a run in the park, hit the gym, or take to the trails and hike. The endorphins released in exercise are almost as good as sex, so you'll feel great and look great, too!
  • Hang with the fam. Got nieces or nephews? Be the "cool aunt" and volunteer to babysit. Take the kids to an indoor playground, and then go out to eat junk their parents never let them have. They'll love you forever!

Valentine's Flowers

  • Do something awesome for a fellow single human. You’re single, maybe that sucks. But you’re not the only one, right? Instead of feeling like poop all day, do something sweet for a fellow singleton. Buy your best friend some flowers, send your divorced aunt a voucher for her favourite salon, deliver chocolates to your widowed neighbour. Today isn’t about just you, and it isn’t just about romantic love. Share some love and happiness with other people who might be genuinely struggling today.

Summer 16

  • Leave town. GET OUT NOW. It can’t be Valentine’s Day EVERYWHERE, right? Plan a special trip to some place you've always wanted to visit. Splurge a little (or a lot), it could be something as a fabulous as a foreign holiday, or really anywhere the best last-minute flight or train ride will get you.  Spend a weekend enjoying the finer things, enjoy being able to just do something you and only you want to do.

Hendrick's Gin

  • And if all else fails… just drink!  Pass the booze.

Being single on February 14 can be an amazing, exciting opportunity to do something just for you. Do you have other great tips for spending a Valentine's Day as a single? Post them here – I'd love to hear them!


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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