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Twinkle Twinkle

Published 03.01.16 · Living ·

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Reluctant to pack away your fairy lights? Who says you have to?

Twinkle Lights

What is it about Christmas lights that create an ambiance so warm and welcoming?  There's no quicker way to brighten your mood than by surrounding yourself with twinkling illumination.  When you walk into a room, they give off an air of magical wonderment and, even though they're inexpensive, they can instantly make a space feel cosy and romantic.  Twinkle lights just make everything, well, better.  Maybe it’s the gentle and soft warm glow they give off; but come the looming deadline (the day after Twelfth Night - 5 January), it’s with a heavy heart I look to storing my festive lights.  But not this year …

When paired with modern materials, string lighting takes on a new-fangled edge.

Belfast Blogger

A ladder with party lights can virtually replace a lamp - and is much more fun!

Ever since I wrapped fairy lights around a wooden tree, in my living room last year, I’m obsessed with the soft glow of string lights; inside Kilner Jars, slung around mirrors, or as ambient lighting on bookcases and shelves. Christmas lights add a touch of whimsy, to any space, and infuse this dark time of the year with a little light, warmth and love.

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So, I’m sharing some super cosy ways to use string lights in your home, whether it’s lighting up an otherwise dark and dreary hallway, to festooning a bedroom canopy. The best part: they're so simple to implement. Get ready to light up your world!

Twinkle Lights

String Lights on Your Party Table: Welcome dinner guests with a little ambiance.

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Right away, the little white lights cheer the table and make it feel like a party.

Hallway Ideas to Steal.

The White Company

Not Just for Christmas: Fairy Lights for Every Room.

Blogger Belfast

I'm totally crushing on this relaxing bedroom.

The White Company

Simply strung on the wall.

The White Company

Which was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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