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Perfect Peonies

Published 29.05.14 · Living ·

Source: © Own pic

Today I bought pink peonies……. 

Sometimes I feel I should rename my blog ‘the happiness blog’, but I won’t, I’ll just fill it with happy stories. Those of you who know me, know what I’m like, I was blessed with the happy bubble. When I try to describe what I mean, I can only liken it to the fizz of champagne (perhaps that’s why I like it so much). Pretty much most of the time I’m happy (and usually for no apparent reason), but then I’ll come across something that makes me really happy (this is where the bubble comes in). It can be anything that sets me off. Something as simple as clocking ‘Toffee’ the cat (not my cat) chasing flies (he does it with such vigour), makes me smile, and sets me up for the day. 

Today it was peonies! I received a beautiful gift from someone I love (it’s my birthday soon), so to celebrate the gift (stay with me) I went to buy some flowers. You see, I associate flowers with the start of the weekend, and I now associate the start of the weekend as being Thursday (I think it’s because I lived in Dubai and their weekend starts Thursday). But anyway, it’s Thursday, it’s the start of the weekend, I’d received a beautiful gift and I wanted to expand the happiness, so I went to purchase flowers (wee bubble, way down in my belly is rumbling).So off I trots to the Belmont Road, called into Ferguson Flowers and this delightful display of blooms is there to greet me.

Now, to most people this might look like a normal (all be it a lovely) display in a florist shop – but not to me. You see, my two favourite flowers are peonies (especially pink ones) and gerberas. And here they are, perfectly arranged waiting for me to arrive. For those of you who haven’t read ‘The Secret’, I believe that the universe provides what you want and need, when you want and need it. Oh, I forgot to mention I got a parking space right outside Ferguson Flowers (yes, seriously – on the Belmont Road). So the little happy bubble is now turning summersaults because it knows I love peonies, I get chatting with the girls and they are so lovely and engaging and they tell me how lovely the peonies are, how tight the buds are. I find it incredible that such compact buds can unfurl into such delicate clouds of dreamy pink petals – but they do. 

So I leave the shop with my blousy pink peonies, wrapped in brown paper, secured with twine, and it makes my heart sing. So I get them home, remove them from the paper and lay them out by the sink. I once read an article that suggested you split a bunch of flowers into as many vases as possible – best advice ever. Why confine the joy to just one room? – Genius!  

So now it’s 8.30 pm, I’m in my office typing this piece for my blog. I’ve got two separate vases of flowers on my desk and they’re beautiful. My little happy bubble is gurgling contented inside. My pink peonies are nestled in a pretty glass vase, set just behind my Megan Hess picture (see tomorrow’s blog), and everything seems right with the world. 

Goodnight x

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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