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Published 11.01.15 · Style ·

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I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown products, and the wonderful team at HOF Belfast  (managed by the extremely talented flame haired Sheáleen Savage) are a joy to deal with. I often hop up on the makeup chair and ask the girls to give me a quick freshen up if I happen to be on my way somewhere important. I enjoy the banter, but I'm equally keen to pick up some insider tips and techniques and get the lowdown on new season trends.

Bobbi Brown's makeup range occupies a very specific place in the fashion world. Brown's USP is "real beauty" for "real women". The range, like Bobbi herself, is both stylish and sensible. You won't find crazy colours or masses of glitter, she wants women to look beautiful and feel confident.  But just before Christmas I was privileged to receive a personal make up lesson from the gorgeous and talented B B Global Pro Team Artist, Amy Conway.

Amy’s career began back in 2005 working as a special effects makeup artist for TV & Film, before joining BB Cosmetics in 2007.  Hand picked by Bobbi herself to join her elite team of Pro Artists, Amy works throughout the UK, Ireland & US educating Bobbi's philosophy and artistry techniques to consumers, makeup artists and the media.  From working alongside Bobbi backstage at fashion week to behind the scenes on shoots, there's really nothing Amy couldn't tell you about the beauty of makeup! But on this particular day one lucky Belfast Blogger got to hang with this incredibly successful make-up artist (somebody pinch me).

Tall, elegant and outrageously good looking one could easily have been intimidated by someone who leads such a glamorous life, but Amy was surprising down to earth and funny.  Engaging and light-hearted she put us all at ease as she relayed tales of her (envy inducing) travels and love of her job, (I imagine this is how Bobbi would want her team to make you feel). Obviously her product knowledge is second to none, so she had a quick look at my skin and discussed my likes and dislikes (smoky eyes please, easy on the powder).  So she set to work with her magic brushes (have I mentioned the amazing brushes?), all the while transferring her knowledge on to to me. At each stage Amy made sure I knew which products she was using, why she was using them, the brush stroke technics, what to do, what not to do, until the transformation was complete. And the result? Me only better.

Now just to clarify, these wonderfully fun makeup lessons are complimentary to anyone, this was not a privilege bestowed on me as a blogger. There are 11 lessons available at the Belfast branch which include, a 5 minute Instant Makeup Update, a (15 min) Everything Brows (yes Frances McKee I know I need this one), through to my personal fav, the (30 min) Party Makeup session (which for me, includes a little bit of sparkle). You’re under no obligation to buy, you won’t be pushed to purchase, the team are there to recommend and teach you how to properly apply their products - that is all. I’ve had makeup lessons at other counters and felt compelled to purchase something, usually coming away with a tangerine eye shadow, or green sparkly nail polish that’s never again seen the light of day. On the flip side, product junkies with zero willpower (er, em, that’ll be me then), Be Warned! You’ll want to buy everything; chances are you’ll leave with an overflowing makeup pouch, and a severely depleted bank account.

So you want to know what I bought...........? I won’t detail everything from my arsenal (that requires a lot more space than this blog provides), but here are a few of the ‘headliners’, the ‘no-longer-can-live-withouts’.

Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion – Life changing product I will use forever. An extremely light, non-sticky, hydration boosting, serum that you apply day and night (smells dreamy too). Honestly, I just can’t convey how hydrating and beautiful this feels on your skin. Don’t know how this product escaped me until now, but a product that delivers this much hydration will be on my shelf forever.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit – Dark Circles – be gone! Totally love this concealer for it’s easy to apply consistency and perfect skin tone match (I wear it everyday). So concentrated that a tiny amount provides fantastic coverage of dark circles, blemishes, skin imperfections and discolourations.

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF15 – Smells divine and glides on to give a dewy, youthful glow to your skin. This is my downtime foundation of choice, it gives that ‘no-make’ make up look, which will look fab in the summer, and I carry a bottle in my gym bag as it’s light enough to apply after training. Before using this product I was used to wearing a more ‘concealing coverage’, but I’m hooked on this now. A delight to apply and wear.

If it’s maximum coverage you prefer I would steer you towards the Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation which is a natural-looking and long-wearing foundation. I love both these lotions but for different reasons and different occasions (I own them both).

So my session came to an end and Amy headed to the airport (glamorous Christmas party to attend), I had a great time and she informed me that she loved our city and couldn’t wait to return. Later that evening I caught her final departing message on Twitter, it read ..........

I can honestly say I haven't had a girl crush like this since I was 12. Not only is Amy an amazingly talented artist, gorgeous, funny and warm - She loves our wee City too.

Come back soon x

To book your complimentary make up lesson call (Belfast) :  028 90 883777, or stores nationwide.

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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