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In need of some Christmas gift ideas?

Published 26.11.16 · Style ·

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I don't mean to alarm you, but Christmas day is only 1 month away! But no need to panic, as I’ve rounded up a special collection of beautiful gifts for that special someone, with very fashionable expectations.

And the good news is that ALL can be ordered on-line, making the whole process a cinch (hurrah); but only a couple are UK sites (not so hurrah, I hear you sigh). Trust me on this, I used to barf at the thought of global Internet ordering, but sometimes goods arrive quicker from the US or Australia, than they do from a UK site (but not always). Due to the fact that 4 out of 6 of these sites are outside of the UK, I actually considered not drafting this post, but I’d be doing you as readers - and me as a lover of all things gorgeous - a disservice, if I didn’t.  So, please ensure you check international postage charges, delivery and taxes, and you’ll be tickety boo.

So here goes… Happy shopping spree!

Sealoe – Sweden. ‘I swear on my Chanel’ - I spotted this stylish slogan on Pinterest, before linking back to this beautifully styled IG account.  Actually, I'd just like EVERYTHING on this feed (including the cool staging accessories). Available as a print, on a notebook, coffee holder, phone case and thee ultimate drinks serving tray.  I’ve recently ordered the notebook – took precisely one week from order to delivery. The perfect thing to gift the fashionista!


The Hood – Australia. Describes itself as a premium lifestyle brand that gives a knowing nod (and a cheeky wink) to motherHood and sisterHood. With backgrounds in fashion, product development, journalism and marketing, twin sisters, Natasha and Rachel Wells, decided to capitalise on the current trend for graphic T-shirts, to put their supportive, tongue-in-cheek messages out on the streets. I've yet to order from this site, but the t-shirts are so cool and I love their back-story. For every garment sold, a gold coin will be donated to COPE - a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to improving the emotional well-being of parents, during pregnancy and the baby's first year ( I’d be happy to see any one of these T’s under my tree (especially this black one). Clothing with a conscience.

Etsy – 'Home is where my mat is’ - yoga mat carrier.  My niece bought this, for my birthday, and it’s one of the things I’d grab in a fire. Beautifully made, and always a talking point.  Think it took a while to arrive, but not sure if that was due to lack of supply, at the time.  A favourite and best seller on the site, definitely worth the wait. £39.10 plus shipping

Prints by Birdy and me – Australia.

Commercial fashion illustrator Kelly Smith, is so goddamn talented, and the artist behind Birdy and me.  She works with numerous luxury brands (of course she does) and high profile clients including: Valentino, Armani, H&M, VOGUE, NET-A-PORTER, and The Sunday Times STYLE. Her work has been published in ELLE, In Style and Harper’s Bazaar.  Kelly’s drawings are based mostly around fashion and beauty, insanely lifelike and whimsical, with a fairytale-like quality (check out the little mouse in her Thumbelina collection).  Three weeks ago, I purchased a print; order to arrival took just over a week. Comes complete with authenticity card (beautiful), gift card (beautiful) and post card (so beautiful that I’ve since framed as a mini-print). Such a user-friendly web site, and massively swift delivery. Please Santa?

And a couple closer to home …


Om and Ah London. 

Om & Ah London found its feet over green tea & vegan cakes … An undeniable electric combo to spark any budding ideas. When Charlotte & Claire met - by the laws of synchronicity, fate & good friends - something wonderful happened... and 'Om & Ah London' was born. A fun range of simple tees, tanks, log sleeve tops and hoodies that have cool little messages on them.

Lovely slouchy tops for yoga or just plain old slobbing! 

Katie Loxton - Perfect Pouches. These super stylish pouches are the perfect thing for your girly girls. Delicate neutral shades, or shimmery metallic in the softest of leather, fully lined and embossed with a cute gold sentiment, I simply adore these purses. From desk to dinner, these cute little pouches are perfect for a pop of winter sparkle and shine.  From shimmering days to sparkly nights, this beautiful pouch is sure to be a seasonal staple.  

Simply ‘Tres Chic’.

Available locally @ Urban Orchard, Holywood. 

Happy Holidays!


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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