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Hotel des Bergues, Geneva – Time to get Inspired!

Published 11.05.17 · Travel / Escapes ·
Hotel des Bergues Foyer

Source: © Four Seasons Hotels

I’ve decided it would be a good idea to feature some more aspirational blog posts, from time to time. I really think it does us all some good, to look at things which inspire us to push further, but I’ll avoid stuff requiring a lottery win!

I’m going to ease into it, with a Hotel that I have only ever strolled past, but I’ve promised myself I’ll experience, one day; the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, Geneva.

Hotel des Bergues, Geneva – Time to get Inspired!


Geneva is a major city, with a kind of small-town feel about it. Every year thousands of skiers pass through Geneva airport’s arrivals hall, bypass the city (myself included, on the first of two occasions) and head straight for the mountains. They are missing out.  Life is leisurely and, if you go up into the ‘Old Town’, there are designer shops and a café culture to die for. Small bars, cafés and antique shops lie in its winding cobbled streets, narrow passages and hidden courtyards. It’s not for everyone; where is? But, if you love shopping, boat-trips on the Lake, historic buildings and old world charm, I'm certain you'll love it. It has a world-renowned opera house, too, if that’s your thing; but it has shops, shops and more glorious shops… which is mine!

The Hotel des Bergues exemplifies all the above. If Switzerland is the gem of central Europe, then Four Seasons Geneva is the jewel in the country’s crown. Sitting on the northern bank of Lake Geneva, it’s just a short walk across the bridge, from the city centre. The Michelin-starred Italian restaurant, Il Lago, is highly regarded, not surprisingly; but I’m told there’s a warm and freindly ambience, throughout the hotel, that’s hugely appealing.

On the roof terrace, there’s a Japanese restaurant, Izumi, with spectacular views of the city. You can see John Calvin’s local church, St. Pierre Cathedral, in the distance; on the hill of the old town.

I haven’t mentioned the Asian-inspired Spa Mont Blanc, yet. If you’re feeling groggy after travelling, or need a pre-dinner pamper, a trip to the rooftop spa is essential. There’s a pool, gym, 7 treatment rooms, massages, facials, hair studio… the lot! 

Now, I’ll get to the ‘aspirational’ aspect; though I’ll just stick to RAC rates, for the purposes of this post (I’m sure you could get better prices, if you make the effort). You won’t get much change out of £600 per night, in the summer, for a standard room. If you want to add breakfast, to that, it will be another £80 or so. The tasting menu, for dinner, was around £130, when last I checked; and individual main courses are in the £40-£60 range. A glass of bubbly; around £25 (so worth it). I did say it was aspirational!

The Junior Suites, with a “partial Lake View”, are about £1250 per night; but they will accommodate a rollaway bed or a crib, for a third adult or child, if that’s any comfort!?

Anyway, that’s all by-the-by, for this series of posts. We must have some things, to make all our hard work purposeful; and, this is one of mine!

Geneva is a sleek and cosmopolitan city, which is why it makes perfect sense that Four Seasons chose this lake-side spot for its only Swiss resort. Let me know, in the comments below, if you’ve been there; or, let me know what inspires you to get up in the morning, and put in that extra effort.



Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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