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It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Published 17.11.14 · Living ·

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I make no apology but from now until Christmas my blog will be peppered with all things Christmassy, so if you’re a bit of a bah humbug log off now and I’ll see you in January.

Personally, I love Christmas and everything about it. I love the fairy lights, the food, the wine, the bustle, the scrum at the tills, the TV adverts, the stress, the weather, mulled wine, carol singers – I mean EVERYTHING - And of course the gift buying. I plan weeks in advance and I keep a spread sheet of ideas alongside names and budget (cough – what budget?).

I’ve always enjoyed sourcing gifts, rooting out unique and curious finds. The glossy magazines in November are filled with lustworthy suggestions Red Magazine’s selection is to die for (most of which you  wouldn’t want to part with), as is InStyle for your more stylish chums.

I also like wrapping and finding new and interesting ways to cover gifts. Last year I bought a Printer that churns out high quality 4”x 6” colour prints, downloaded pictures from the internet relevant to the receiver and turned them into gift tags – they proved a massive hit. Or roll your gifts in some tissues and pop them into one of these chunky knit stockings from The White Company – wouldn’t mind waking up to one of these dangling at the foot of my bed.

But for those of you who don’t find this process as easy or as enjoyable as I do, I’ve pulled together a list of some fun and stylish gift ideas for your loved ones. But remember, the people you’re buying for are your nearest and dearest, keep it simple and stress free, it’s not about the cost (unless you’re choosing mine). Sometimes a simple yet thoughful gift turns out to be the most cherished.

Happy shopping! 

For the girl who has everything..........


Chic and stylish teatowels to help glam up your kitchen featuring the infamous Monroe quote: "Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." I’ve purchased some tea towels (a must have for any aspiring kitchen fashionista!), but there are tons of cute things on this delightful web site Check out the gym totes.

A luxury buy at a very affordable price..........

The picture doesn’t do it justice but this pen is so elegant and expensive looking and comes in a luxurious velvet pouch. Sparkling in rose gold tones, a snip at only £24.00, available from the new Swarovski store @ Victoria Square, or order online.

Dear Santa, please can I have like ANYTHING from Tiffany's - drool. Watch this delightful little video.

Or maybe a little trinket from Cartier for your BF ........... Click for vid.

Back to reality.......

Mulled Wine Minidomes from Hotel Chocolat..........

Everything from Hotel Chocolat is gorgeous, special, yummy and festive, but honestly I have just scoffed one of these divine little truffles whilst typing this blog and I got a Christmas taste sensation leaping around my mouth.  They continue to conjure up new and exciting ideas Season after Season. Friendly and informed staff (mostly giving out samples) in The Belfast Branch, or order on line (proceed with caution).

Something personalised from Not On The High Street. I know who'll be receiving one of these little baubles.......

You could, quite literally, purchase ALL of your gifts from this one site alone.  One of my all time favourite sites that I return to time and time again. Quirky, creative, beautiful gifts for the whole family.

Secret Santa Shhhhh......

I’m sorry to mention a gift that’s no longer available on line, but if you find yourself close to Selfridges one of these persoanlised Nutella jars is sure to raise a smile. 

If you're sending flowers.......

I’ve got a theory about Christmas flowers, if your going to send them then do it early (and consider a plant or festive tree).  No one has time to arrange bouquets a few days before Christmas and they sort of get lost amongst the tree and the decorations (which seems a bit of a waste). On the other hand, image the recipients delight when they open the door to the deliveryman brandishing beautifully in bloom Poinsettias early December - Looked after carefully they can last until well into the new year. The exception to this theory is Amaryllis. Stunning and dramatic Amaryllis are acceptable any time (easy to arrange). Plenty of choice @ M&S.

I'll be back soon with more fabulous festive finds as I work my way through the season.

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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