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Did someone say spring?

Published 20.02.15 · Style ·

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Back up, back up! -  Could we maybe just re-run that weekend again, I wasn’t quite ready? Is it just me, or did it fly by way too quick?


It’s a busy time for bloggers right now what with all the SS15 launches taking place.  Exciting yes, but feels kinda weird writing about anything summery just as the weather’s taken a turn (it’s dark and raining in Belfast this evening) but of course it’s cosy at my house as the candles are lit and I’m all snuggled up. Sundays are often dominated by that sinking feeling that the workweek is looming, but I actually enjoy being home.  And Ive got this ritual on a Sunday evening were I plan at least the next 3 days workwear outfits (suits, bags, shoes the lot)  so I’m totally stress free starting work (freaky I know, but it works for me).


Sunday evenings call for nothing more than a little R&R to ready yourself for the week ahead, so then I curl up and watch ‘Call The Midwife’ followed by ‘Mr Selfridge’ (bliss). 


Anyway back to SS15 - My mailbox is crammed full of campaigns proclaiming better days are just around the corner – like this one from Michael Kors, all dreamy nude accessories, gorgeous sunkissed girls sitting  bathed in sunshine.

(Cough) what about the snow? 


Did I mention we’re getting a new MK store opening in Victoria Square - how cool is that?

Thursday I got to hang out with Bobbi Brown A Team makeup artist, Aimee Morrison, who demonstrated the new BB SS15 range of products (it’s all about illuminating nudes). That’s one of the perks of being a blogger, you don’t just get to have playdates on make-up counters and test new products (which is enough in itself), you actually get to meet the people behind the brands. The passion of these young artists is completely infectious, and the gorgeous and bubbly Aimee was no exception. So check back later this week and read the full blog.

And if ever a reminder was needed that spring is on its way - that salmon pink amaryllis in the pic above is real (gorgeous isn’t it?).  Honestly these dazzlingly over-the-top flowers are so darn pretty right now. Expensive at £2.50 a stem, but treat them carefully and they’ll last for several weeks - and bring tremendous joy.

Fuelled by all the Spring/Summer chatter I had planned to ignore the snow forecast and forge ahead with my winter wardrobe de clutter - luckily I got distracted as I might need that cashmere  overcoat.  I honestly believe I’d be sorted no matter the season, if my wardrobe consisted of just 3 colours - white, tan and navy . On my last London trip I packed just those 3 colours and it was soooo stress free and versatile,  but the sort out will have to wait.  Altough I'm kind of busting to pull some winter white outfits together as they look fab this time of year, and don’t get me started on white denim - no longer relegated to just the ‘summer wardrobe”.  So here’s hoping the week sees a return to longer days and stretched out evenings.  I was just getting used to them. 

But before you sign off, here’s a little something to ease you into the week.  This amazing Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith lullaby mash-up has been brought to you by the gorgeous and talented YouTubers, Sam Tsui & Casey Breves – feel the goose bumps?


Thinking Out Loud / I'm Not The Only One MASHUP (Sam Tsui & Casey Breves)

And repeat. And repeat again. And …… gorgeous isn’t it?

Have yourselves a fabulous week. 

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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