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10 reasons why Champagne is so fabulous.

Published 30.09.16 · Foodie ·
National Champagne Week

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Hi everyone, what are you up to, this weekend? Tomorrow, I’m having brunch with some friends; and, because it’s the start of National Champagne Week (1st - 7th Oct), I’m bringing along 3 ingredients to mix the most sparkling of brunch-time cocktails. There are many ways to brunch; but there's only one way for me... Champagne please!

Elderflower & Ginger Fizz:

This is a great wee drink if need to stretch out the bubbly.  Pour 25 ml of Elderflower Cordial into a champagne flute, add 10 ml of Ginger Ale and top with chilled Champagne.  I love the flavours of elderflower, ginger and crisp champagne, together - this is really refreshing. You can substitute the champers for Prosecco - but not this weekend! 

I've always been a die-hard fan of Champagne; but if you still need convincing, here are 10 reasons why I think Champagne is so fabulous …

1          Champagne indicates a celebration. If you are sipping from a flute of champagne, chances are that you are experiencing one of life’s happy moments: weddings, birthdays and holidays. Champagne is a drink of jubilation that shows up when warm memories are being made.

2          It’s a refreshing and wonderful wine, which pairs well with everything from oysters to pizza.

3          No judgment for drinking at 10am. It is probably not a good idea to pull out the whiskey bottle, first thing in the morning. But, pop that champagne bottle at 10 am! and everyone else wants to join in. 

4          You don’t need a corkscrew for champagne, making it perfect for impromptu picnics.

5          The pop! When you hear a champagne cork POP, it immediately lifts your spirits and signals to your brain that a party is about to go down. There's perhaps no sweeter sound in the universe than that of a cork popping!

6          The Saucy Burlesque Coupe. Unashamedly fun and flirtatious, burlesque wouldn’t be the same without champagne. A giant coupe of it. Be-jewelled and tassled burlesque stars have been splashing around in giant champagne coupes for the grand finale of shows. since the 1930s.

Legendary performer Dita Von Teese has made bathing in a giant champagne glass - complete with strawberry - one of her trademark acts. Von Teese, who occasionally switches up her act with a giant Martini glass, recommends pink lighting, to get the best effect when bathing in a champagne glass. Good to know, but I think I'll stick to simply pouring myself a coupe of pink champagne instead.

7          The bubbles! Rising mysteriously, in every glass of champagne, are infinite streams of tiny perfect bubbles, running upwards as if they don’t want to be late to the show. If you like lots of bubbles, always wash and dry your champagne flutes by hand – microscopic fibers from the towels “snag” the champagne and create more bubbles. How many bubbles in a bottle of Champagne? Well, like anyone can give an exact answer to this, but it is said to be millions… 49 million, is the usual amount many experts agree on!

8          Winston Chruchill famously proclaimed that the four essentials in life were ‘hot baths, cold champagne, new peas and old brandy.’ Every morning, at 11am, the great British prime minister had a glass of Pol Roger poured for him; and, apparently, he drank 42,000 bottles in his lifetime.

9          The Champagne Afternoon Tea. Dainty sandwiches, scones piled obscenely high with clotted cream, tea served in fine china and, of course, a glass - or two - of champagne, all enjoyed over the course of a leisurely afternoon.

Few of life’s sweet treats are as wonderfully indulgent as afternoon tea.

Thing is, for it to feel truly special, a glass of champagne is essential. Sure, drinking loose leaf tea out of something other than your favourite mug is already an improvement, but a glass of champagne instantly elevates things to special occasion status, quicker than you can stack a couple of coupes.

10        The toast! Clink-clink-clink: your attention please! No beverage goes with the traditional “toast” like a glass of champagne. Whether you're saluting the New Year or some other fresh beginning, honor it with bubbles for a truly memorable occasion. 

Happy weekend friends!

Let me know if you think champagne is fabulous too? Are you planning to open a bottle this weekend? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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