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The Ivory Restaurant & Bar

Published 12.10.14 · Foodie ·

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I think you’ll agree there’s something pretty stylish about The Ivory Restaurant & Bar.  It’s always been my girlie haunt and pretty much our go-to place after Saturday shopping trips.  Sometimes we’ll have a cocktail or two, sometimes we stop for dinner, or maybe we’ll stop for hours just hanging out and chatting. You see that’s the kind of place it is, seriously cool, fashionable and laid back. It also boasts the best outdoor terraces in Belfast. The recent addition of a second terrace has only added to what was already a stylish and fun outdoor space. There is nowhere better to Al Fresco dine.

Catherine Bradley

Situated on the third floor of the House of Fraser in Victoria Square, this fashion-conscious, brasserie-style restaurant offers fabulous views over the city. The unfussy menu has been created using the best of local seasonal produce, from award winning suppliers.  Delicious mains include Risotto of pear & gorgonzola, peas, leeks & crushed hazel nuts, or St Tola Goats Cheese, beetroot puree, fresh radish & mixed leaves. If you’re just looking something to share, try the platter of Breads and Oils - served with tapenade to die for (moist and bursting with flavour).

Saturday was a beautiful day, sun was shining, amazingly mild, so thanks to Manager Catherine Bradley, we got offered a much sought after seat on the terrace - There’s an informality that we find immediately relaxing.  A round of  ‘signature’ pear drop martinis are ordered while we sit back to soak up the last of the winter sun. 

Shot by me

But here’s the thing. Because we love this place so much and go most weekends, you sort of take it for granted; we forget that not everyone knows about it (and that sort of appeals as I’d like to keep it our special little place). But today we brought a friend who’d never been before (an Ivory virgin!), and he was gobsmacked (quite literally), and it was nice to watch his reaction. Because of the beautiful day, the terraces were pleasantly full, the pretty strobe lighting that lines the walls softly changing colour from pink to blue to green creating a beautiful hue. There was a gentle afternoon breeze, but the heaters were on it making it a really comfortable place to linger. Suffice to say, I think they’ve gained a new customer.

Shot by me

I sometimes liken this place to The Fifth Floor Bar/Restaurant @ Harvery Nichols London. Even the direct access lift makes it all a bit ‘ab fab’. The service is impeccable; the staff have an underlying will to please without being intrusive. I even noticed how squeaky clean the glasses are (you think people don’t notice detail – they do). Each drink your severed is poured in the correct glass, cutlery is shiny and polished, tables wiped on a regular basis. I think it’s the attention to detail that sets this place apart.

Unfortunately due to a prior engagement I had to leave just as the stunning all girl band Saffyre started playing. This talented Irish family trio have taken the Irish music scene by storm, singing contemporary country with an Irish lilt.  Luckily for us, you can catch the girls play every Saturday night from 8pm.

– Until next time.

PS: If it’s just a coffee you're after, check out the Ivory’s little sister on the ground floor. A lively champagne bar and coffee dock, situated right beside the shoe department (yip, delightful) and a wonderful place to people watch.

The Ivory Restaurant & Bar, 3rd Floor House Of Fraser, Belfast, BT1 4QG

phone : +44 2890 324 577


Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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