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Ever felt like performing a grand jeté, whilst wearing a pair of jeans?

Published 15.09.16 · Style ·
Fashion blogger belfast

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OK, fair enough… well, have you ever dreamt of it?! Probably not, I know; then let me put it another way - doesn’t the idea of having a pair of jeans, which are so comfortable and stretchable that they could do it – albeit when worn by someone else - provide all the temptation you need, to consider the Contour 360° jeans from AG?

I was first introduced to these outrageosuly comfortable jeans back in April, when I attended a “Denimtastic’ mini fashion showcase, at Belfast store Peel.  I appreciate it was April and the sun was shining, but I bought a pair in black, with the specific intention of packing them away until Autumn.  Hello Autumn!

I can’t begin to tell you how comfortable they are, a total breakthrough in denim innovation. Designed with powerful performance stretch, Contour360 denim claims to lift and sculpt the figure, while delivering uncompromising comfort and an uninhibited range of motion (even I can touch my toes in them, so they definitely deliver). They really are the equivalent of leggings, but look and feel like jeans (and joy of joys, they come right up to your waist).

To leave us in no doubt about their stretchiness, AG came up with this exquisite video, demonstrating the flexibility of their jeans - not to mention the ballet dancers wearing them!

Young professional ballet dancers Laura Hand and Samantha Miller, fly through the air to British artist Kindness' song "House", dancing en pointe, with leaps and splits and complex floor work, showing how the Women's Contour 360 jeans hold up. Those bad boys are really stretchy and don't seem to inhibit the dancers' movement at all.

The beautiful ad not only exemplifies how stretchy the 360s are, but also appeals to both wannabe dancers and fashionistas. Available in three different fits and various shades of blue – from pale bleached to darker tones – as well as black.

Contour 360° jeans from AG, for anyone who wants to execute a quick 'fouetté en tournant' while running errands.

PS: You’ll never guess what?  I only won the award for ‘Most Denimtastic’ outfit of the night!

Me with the gorgeous fashion blogger Lousie Vance. 

So, will you be incorporating AG Jeans into your closet this fall?

Peel Fashion Store, Tel: 02890 452665

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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