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Jo Malone Blossom Girls

Published 18.05.18 · Living ·
#BrilliantBlossoms #JoMaloneLondonUK

Source: © Jo Malone Belfast

Jo Malone has come up with another winning range – two, in fact – inspired by ‘blossom’, as spring hits its full glory.

Though they both share the same inspiration, the two have a very different feel about them and appeal to different people or different moods.  And recently I got to hang out with the lovely Emma South, fragrance and lifestyle expert for Jo Malone London, to try these delightful new fragrances. 

Hosted at the Jo Malone Belfast store, myself and the stunning Insta sisters Tara, Kerry & Leigh were treated to bespoke (pear & raspberry) cocktails, and an exclusive hand and arm massage, while Emma delivered expert advice and tips on fragrance combining the Brilliantly Blossom scents (#livingmybestlife). 

The lovely Ashleigh working her magic.

Hot Blossoms is perfectly described by the strapline: “Dancing through the streets. Soaked in sunshine. Streaked with colour. Surrounded by tropical fruits and flowers.”

I’m thinking this is ‘Brazilian carnival’, partying with endless energy during the day, and into the night for more of the same (just go with me here...).  There are two Hot Blossom fragrances, starting with Tropical Cherimoya Cologne. A ‘Cherimoya’ is a large South American fruit, which has been likened to a blend of banana, pineapple, papaya, peach, and strawberry. How much do you want to get hold of one of those!?  This cologne has a bergamot top, a cherimoya fruit heart and a smoky, warm woody base of copahu resin, evoking the scent of Brazilian rain forests. The second of the ‘Hot Blossoms’ is a Cattleya Flower Body Mist, with a fresh citrus top, cattleya orchid heart and an earthy, grassy vetiver base, to keep you fresh and alive if all that partying is getting to you!

In contrast, Blossom Girls is more Asian inspired, though still fresh, fun, and full of the joys of spring.  It’s a range of three scents: Plum Blossom, has a yellow plum top, a plum blossom heart and a white musk base, which makes it linger (nice).  Nashi Blossom – ‘Nashi’ is an Asian pear – has a top of lemon, with a Nashi blossom heart (of course!) and, again, a base note of white musk (it’s so refreshing and crisp that it will change your mind about fruity scents, it’s radiant, flirty and sparkling!).  Sakura Cherry Blossom goes a slightly different way, with its base of rosewood, which is under a bergamot top and a heart of pure cherry blossom (definitely my favorite, as the delicate scent really captures the joy of springtime)!

And as if all that wasn't exciting enough ... Beep, beep, last weekend, the JML Morris Minor arrived in London’s Covent Garden bursting with brilliant blossoms (Instagram city)!  Have you ever seen anything so fabulous?

Please remember this collection is a limited edition and likely to sell out super fast, so if you want to be a blossom girl, you better do it quickly!

Which blossom girl are you?





Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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