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Getting summer-ready with The White Company

Published 11.04.17 · Living ·

Source: © www.thewhitecompany

Easter’s almost upon us, which, for me, marks the year’s first real excuse for a get-together, with friends and family. In fact, it marks the beginning of the socialising season, generally. Whilst it may be a bit chilly (at least in NI!) to start partying outside, just yet, I thought I’d share a few of the new additions, from The White Company – some suitable for indoors and out - so you’re prepared, in advance… or, at least, thinking about it.

Drinkies first… of course! Champagne is suitable, wherever and whenever; and these new ‘Acrylic Champagne Flutes’ look incredibly glass-like, and have a high-quality, weighty feel. Whilst they may not chime quite so musically, during a toast, they make perfect sense; particularly, when your guests will be milling around, or you’re planning on travelling, with glasses at the ready. There are tumblers and wine glasses, in the same range.

Indoors or out, for me, it’s candles, candles, everywhere! Creating a relaxed easy elegance, these new chunky Tealight glasses do the job, beautifully . Enough said.

If you want to add a rustic feel, to the dinner table, you could do far worse than this beautifully crafted Indian mango wood serving bowl, together with the salad servers and serving platters. The large platter would make a great cheese board, too. You may want to consider this metal cloche, to go with them, if you’re dining outside.

This may seem slightly off-theme, but I couldn’t go without mentioning this gorgeous picnic blanket, which makes me want to sit on the lawn, just for the hell of it! Though, rolled up, it looks small, it’s actually 6’6” by 4’9”; more than enough for two adults and some food. Whilst the top side is wool, the underside is waterproof polyester, making it great for the beach or slightly damp grass. Better still, when the Northern Ireland weather does its regular trick, you can put it over your heads, as you sprint back to the car!

But wait! Don’t forget the guests - there are ALWAYS guests. Throw off those winter layers; let the light in, and luxe up that guest bedroom with some forever-fresh white bed linen. I swear, ANY, of the bed linen from The White Company, feels like five star hotel living. 

Let me know which of the new additions inspire you to invite your friends round – go for a picnic, perhaps - in the comments, below.

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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