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Shaz Awards 2015

Published 25.06.15 · Style ·
Shall Awards 2015

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This Sunday sees the return of the Make Up industry’s coveted ‘Shaz Awards’, for their sixth consecutive year; with make up artists, models and photographers among the winners, at the glamorous ceremony.

Shaz Awards 2015

Created by renowned make up artist Ciara Daly, who’s been working in the make up industry for over a decade - and boasts a busy make up academy, as well as a globally successful brush range, to her name - the awards are named after Ciara’s mother Sharon, affectionately known as Shaz, who passed away suddenly in 2006.  They aim to celebrate and encourage creative talent, within the make up industry, by celebrating excellence and creativity. 

Ciara Daly’s Lisburn Road make up academy is one of Ireland’s most sought after training facilities, offering courses for beginners to more experienced artists; and it has nurtured some of Ireland’s freshest creative talent. The Ciara Daly range of brushes and make up products are sold worldwide, but these awards were created to recognise the amazing talent, much closer to home.

Shaz Awards 2015

Ciara said, “I’m beyond pleased that the Shaz Awards are back for the sixth year in a row.  I am constantly in awe of the talent and work produced by the skills of our current and former students and this year is no exception.  It is not only to recognise their incredible work that I created these awards but also to credit the inspirational stories and development of the students’ careers.”

She continued, “However it should not be said that the Shaz awards were created to only recognise the incredible talent of the students of the Ciara Daly make up academy, but also the work of other artists out there.  Over the past few years Northern Ireland’s industry has boomed with fabulous campaigns and a bustling movie and television industry, creating some fabulous looks and allowing make-up artists to hone their craft, on their own doorsteps.”  

The awards also support the ‘Feeding Dreams’ charity, founded by former student and Ciara’s long-term close friend, Arlene Gormley, who uprooted from Belfast to help build schools for disadvantaged children, in Cambodia.  Currently, it provides free education to four hundred children and young adults. 

Ciara said, “I have continued to support the charity ‘Feeding Dreams’ through the Shaz awards, as its ethos lies so close to my heart.  It’s a charity that helps give disadvantaged children an opportunity to learn and progress and truly better their outlook on life, and I am excited to visit in August to help out and really see where the money goes.  Similarly, over the years, I have been inspired by the stories and passion of so many of our own students and watched as they have put their energy into learning a new skill in make up artistry, and it is fantastic to see such dedication and a desire to grow.  This is why I created our Phoenix Award in the first year and this usually goes to the artist who has inspired me the most by rising from the ashes, so to speak.” 

She continued, “Although the awards are predominantly considered to be a celebration of those working in make up, they’re also designed to celebrate other creative talents aligned with the industry.  That’s why I’ve ensured to include awards for photographer of the year and model of the year, who make up artists obviously work very closely with.  I wanted it to be a celebration of all talents within this exciting and creative industry.” 

There will be nine categories, which are Photo shoot of the Year, Retailer of the Year, Face of Ciara Daly Make Up, Photographer of the Year, Hairdresser of the Year, Team Member of the Year, Student of the Year, Creative make Up Award and Ciara’s personal favourite, the Phoenix Award.

The awards will take place on Sunday 28 June at AM:PM’s Cabaret Supper Club at 8pm.  Tickets for the awards are available now from and are priced at £25 which will include a complimentary West Coast Cooler on arrival, with live entertainment and a goodie bag.

 Shaz Awards 2015

Thanks for reading, Jackie.

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